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I'm always paralyzed by these.

I make things. I always have. My mother has been giving me boxes of treasures I created in my youth and making me admire them and then take them home. I have barns of tiny horses, pages of pictures of horses, folders of stories about horses and complaints from two teachers "when will you write about something besides horses?"

I sew things; clothes, dolls with clothes, quilts, and now fabric collages and postcards. Lately I've fallen for knitting socks. Not much of anything else, but I am getting to be pretty good at socks. I am incapable of following directions or recipes, but pretty good at winging it. Mostly that works well for me.

I have one husband and two daughters. We take family circus classes together. In the garage we have two tandems, 6 single bikes, a sailboat and a canoe. Under the back porch we have a kayak and three buckets for dying fabric. In the back of my van is a bag with breeches, tall black boots, a pair of spurs, 4 pairs of gloves and a good helmet.

Any questions?


my kids and their interests, fabric & fiber, bicycles, circus, horses, boats